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Rudolfo San Miguel

Blogger and copywriter

Diligent Copywriter/Content writer. Seven years’ experience writing copy & promoting company brand/mission. Excels in developing original content for blogs, webpages, print, email, & social media.

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Grom audio enters the era of hd radio%ef%bf%bd with grom hdr1 dongle article

GROM Audio Enters the Era of HD Radio® with GROM-HDR1 Dongle - Press Releases

This purpose of this press release is to introduce GROM's latest product, an HD Radio supplement that can connect to the certain GROM car kits to offer an HD radio feature.

Dashboard car mode android driving app dashlinq article

Dashboard Car Mode Android Driving App DashLinQ

Webpage promotes the features and values for GROM's latest phone app.

5 things you should know in mobile tech and car driving %e2%80%93 grom s blog article

5 Things You Should Know in Mobile Tech and Car/Driving – GROM's Blog

This blog is a montly series where GROM reviews interesting and an important news stories in mobile and car tech for the month.

Grom audio   vline connected car infotainment system   smart dashboard article

GROM VLine Infotainment System

Webpages introduces Vline car kit, explaining why it differs from other GROM Audio car kits.

8 reasons to get excited about connected car systems %e2%80%93 grom s blog article

8 Reasons to Get Excited about Connected Car Systems – GROM's Blog

This blog post illustrates eight facts the current and future projections of the development of connect car technology.

Blog by the bay   lake merritt is in the middle of the pacific... article

Lake Merritt is in the middle of the Pacific Flyway...

Facebook post introducing key page related to the blogsite's current article on Lake Merritt.

Music genre series  the landscape of jazz  the american art form %e2%80%93 grom s blog article

Music Genre Series: The Landscape of Jazz, The American Art Form

This blog an overview of Jazz history and music development.

Blog by the bay   sutro tower has become a san francisco icon. but... article

Sutro Tower has become a San Francisco icon...

Facebook post introducing new blog article on Sutro Tower for

Blog by the bay   once the bypass tunnel around devil s slide... article

Once the bypass tunnel around Devil's Slide opened in 2013..

Facebook photo gallery post teaser for upcoming blog article.

Riding the gauntlet of driving music %e2%80%93 grom s blog article

Riding the Gauntlet of Driving Music

This blog explores how choices in car and music reflect changes in personality, focusing on the author personal experience in buy cars and listening to music of the last several years.

Screenshot 2017 01 28 08 02 43 article

How GROM’s Innovations Offer Safety and Congruence with California’s New Ban on Distracted Driving

This blog article reports on the new California law that bands using mobile devices while driving, discussing the details of the new band and presenting solutions that GROM Audio's products offer.

Screenshot 2017 01 28 08 02 43 article

Christmas Story Series – An Unexpected Present

Third in a three part holiday story series, featuring Holiday driving and GROM Audio product Wirelinq.

Screenshot 2017 01 28 08 02 43 article

Christmas Story Series – New Year Festivities

Second in a three part holiday story series, featuring VLine.

Blog by the bay   la mujeres muralistas was a movement and... article

La Mujeres Muralistas was a movement...

Facebook post teaser for upcoming release of pending blog article.

Screenshot 2017 01 28 08 02 43 article

How Music Affects Us

This blog article explores how music affects mood and behavior, offering insights based on personal reflection and critical essays on the subject.