Rudolfo San Miguel

Rudolfo San Miguel

Blogger and copywriter

Diligent Copywriter/Content writer. Seven years’ experience writing copy & promoting company brand/mission. Excels in developing original content for blogs, webpages, print, email, & social media.

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What Dentists have Learned about Fluoride Varnish for Your Children - Dental Blog Post

Smiles by Dr. McDonald: What Dentists have Learned ...

Online writing sample  how a dentist helped my relationship and my oral health   office of dr. charles mcdonald  ddsa article

How a Dentist helped my Relationship and My Oral Health - Dental Blog Post

This is blog post focusing on a personal visit to the dentist to treat potential Periodontal disease. The tone of this sample is light and tells a story to lessen the impact of serious dental health issue. It was written as both an informative and promotional piece.